Welcome to WARHAMMER and OGAVA  - Persians and Exotic catteries.  
My name is Marina and Olga. We are located in  Russia in the small city TVER near Moscow sity. Our hobby for the Persian breed began for a long time. Сattery Warhammer  is registered in CFA since 1999 years. We are a small hobby breeder striving to produce quality healthy kittens that will exemplify the standard. They live with us in the same apartment, what's why they've got such a good temper. 
Our Persians are of pedigreed lines without CPCs or exotics.
We breed solid and bi-color Persians. We also have recently started working with exotic lines.

All our cats are parasite/fungus free, DNA negative for PKD (or out of PKD negative ) .

I am grateful to everyone who helped make our program as best as possible. Especially those who have entrusted their cats to us. We could not have done it without you. Thank you, my dear friend Agnieszka for a beautiful boy, and our friendship. Just Venera Hismetova, Jen Green, Andree Magrier and  many other breeders whose cats live with us. Special thanks and eternal memory of my friend Ludmila Sevryugina, she made my dream a reality.

We are СFA register catterys.

Thank you for visit!